operation “less milk”

Ashton was becoming a little piggy when it came to formula consumption, at upwards of 40 ounces a day.  He wanted little to do with solid food and meal-times were becoming an ordeal as we’d try to cajole him into eating something besides milk. So, I’ve cut way back on the amount of milk we give him, and offering him water and solid food snacks more frequently. Now he gets about 24 ounces per day. He does still whine a lot, esp in the afternoons when he wants more milk than I’ll give him, but the result is a baby that is eating a lot better (though still highly finicky).

His absolute favorite is scrambled eggs. Occasionally he likes grilled cheese sandwiches, or cheese quesadillas, but this is hit and miss. Sourdough bread or toast is always a winner, as is string cheese and waffles. Pancakes and muffins suffice on occasion. And today he voluntarily ate turkey lunch meat and really liked it (previously I’ve had to sneak meat into grilled cheese sandwiches). He also likes rice, but still not pasta or potatoes. And he’ll eat almost any type of babyfood fruit or orange vegetable (carrots, squash, sweet potatoes), but will accept only bananas in solid form and spits out anything green.  And of course there’s still all the snacky stuff like crackers, rice cakes, cheerios, veggie puffs, dehydrated fruits.

He seems to be tolerating cows milk just fine as an ingredient in baked goods and in cheese. But I’m holding off switching him over to it for drinking until he’s taking in a more balanced diet – since formula is fortified with all the vitamins he needs and regular milk is not. Though I guess I could put him on a vitamin supplement… something to ask the doctor.