the ja ja babyhood

The reign of bah bah bah bah bah bah…. etc. has ended. Ashton has finally moved on to some different sounds. Now we have a mixture of ma, ja, gay, ya,  yay, da, and still some bah thrown in. There’s also something that sounds like “hi ya” and a certain British swear word, although nobody in our family uses it. Honest. The chatter is constant and sounds very conversational, though still unintelligible.

In other news, Ashton is now getting into trash cans and toilets, so baby latches had to be added there too. Especially since one of his favorite new pastimes is putting things inside other things. We are certainly happy when he picks up toys and puts them in his toy box or picks up the puzzle pieces off the patio and puts them in his portacrib. Unfortunately, he puts toys, clothes (both clean and dirty),  and shoes into the diaper pail in his bedroom, so I’m guessing it would only be a matter of time before we’d find these things in the trash or toilet as well.