going home.. well almost

While waiting at the airport in Albequerque to go home, we learned that my step-grandmother Judy White had just passed away. We quickly re-booked our flights and flew to Kansas City to be with family and attend the funeral in Independence. Ashton came down with diarrhea and vomiting only a few hours after we checked into the hotel there, and we spent much of the first day mopping him up and trying to figure out what to do (it didn’t clear up fully for about 5 days). We suspected problems with the hotel water or with the non-sanitized bottles we were using, though Daddy got sick after we returned home so guess it was just a virus.

Ashton attended funeral services with us on Thursday (since we had no babysitter) – Daddy had to keep him in the back room for most of it. The grave-side service was being delayed, but we drove out to Mound Grove Cemetary to see where it would be, and visit Ashton’s grandpav who is buried two plots away from where Judy’s ashes will go (she is being cremated).

It’s too bad that our visit was under sad conditions, however the family was happy to meet Ashton, and Grandma Kay was happy to see him again. Ashton also got his first birthday gift.