Ashton turns 1

We held a  party on Sunday May 10th (also Mom’s Day). It was almost cancelled as Ashton had been sick the previous few days, but he was in excellent spirits on party day and did surprisingly well, given all the activity in our house and people that were “semi-strangers”. In attendance was his grandma and grandpa Anderson, both great-grandma’s, aunt’s Stacey and Erin,  cousin Kaylin, Sara’s aunt and uncle Linda and Rick and cousin Mike, friends Ben, Julie, Olivia, and Kimberley.

I made jerk chicken, rick, beans, and pineapple sals (inspired by AT&T Park’s cha-cha bowls). And of course cake and ice cream. Ashton loved his assortment of balloons, playing with 10-month old Olivia and his new wagon and little people farm. I think he enjoyed the jerk chicken and rice slightly more than his cupcake.

More pictures will be updated as I get them. My camera died half-way through the festivities, so am waiting for photos from my mom.