Last year, Ashton absolutely loved pumpkins. He wasn’t yet crawling or walking at the time, but we just sat him next to one and he happily pounded on them. So I was a little surprised that they weren’t nearly as interesting this time around. Still, Ashton had a blast running around, and pulling one of the wagons that the patch provided for carrying your loot. Also to my surprise, Ashton showed some fear near the big blow up tent with a gargoyle out front. The only other signs of fear I’d seen in him to this point was loud noises (doesn’t like the car wash for example). Kind of shoots down my theory that the fear of things that society deems as “spooky” is learned through media and books, rather than a natural response. Ashton hasn’t  been exposed to any media or books that have people or animals reacting to so-called spooky things.

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