new playgroup

Ashton developed a preferred nap schedule starting back when he was around 9 months old. This schedule includes a morning nap. The time has varied somewhat before settling into its current pattern of being 3 hours after wake-up (usually around 10/10:30. Unfortunately, this is when 95% of the playgroups, library laptimes, mommy and me classes, etc. meet. This is generally a long nap, and not to be skipped. As a result, we have been rather reclusive. And clearly Ashton needs a little more variety/stimulation. For several weeks I tried moving the morning nap later and later so that he’d have a single midday nap. This greatly backfired, as it made him super cranky in the late morning and harder to get down for his nap (over-tired). Same thing happened in the evenings as he was skipping the afternoon nap too.

So we went back to the previous nap schedule and decided to form a playgroup of our own. Using and advertising on a number of mommy lists I’m on, I set up a group for 1-2 year olds for moms preferring afternoon events. We got about 22 signups, though turnout for actual playdates has been low. Still, we’ve had a couple good ones and met some nice people.