Sara, the self proclaimed geek mommy, is a freelance UI/Web Designer in Felton, CA (near Santa Cruz) and mom to two charming, but exhausting little boys only 18 months apart. Her interests include technology especially related to user experience/usability (her area of study), web, and mobile design, cooking, reading, genealogy, child development, theater, singing, and more. Too busy to have separate blogs dedicated to each of her interests, she has combined it all here in a blog that originated as her 1st baby’s book/blog… which is why there are way more posts in that category than any other.

Other members of my family include:

My husband Daniel, a brilliant software engineer and ubergeek (said affectionately of course) who’s an amazingly patient and playful daddy. He’s a gadget freak and maker who loves to tinker in his workshop and shares my interests in theater and singing (we are both involved with the community theater group, Lyric Theatre and he also sings with the Cabrillo Symphonic Chorus). I think of him as a Renaissance man, as his interests and talents are so well rounded. He’s got a website here.

My first son Ashton, born May 2008 and currently 23 months old. A future class clown”in the making, he’s a little ham who likes to mug for the camera with a big “cheee”. Ashton loves to play with legos and power tools, dress up with hats, belts, and even princess dresses (according to his grandma), climb on anything, be hung upside down, and be outside. He loves TV way too much and sings along to many of the show’s theme songs, and loves playing with mommy and daddy’s iPhones. A super picky eater, I think he’d be happy surviving only on noodles, rice, and good sourdough bread (no Wonder bread for this guy).

The baby, Brennan kind of snuck up on us… I didn’t even know I was pregnant again until he was sixteen weeks along! Born in October 2009, he’s currently 5 months old and so happy he could spit… and he does 🙂 The proud owner of 1.5 teeth, he is fascinated by his big brother (who has fortunately decided that his baby brother is pretty okay too). Brennan likes to sleep alot, though not for long stretches – currently at 5 – 45 min. naps during the day and frequent night waking. He’s happiest when flat on his back and naked. Is that a Scorpio male or what? hehe

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