For months we had decided that Ashton was just lazy. He had the muscle strength to be on his feet, and easily cruised around furniture and walls – but wanted nothing to do with walking. For a while he would walk with us while we held both of his hands, but it had gotten to the point where he’d curl up his legs in a sit position and refuse to even stand (usually accompanied by a tantrum).

Well, finally around late May, he started taking a few steps. Tentative at first; mainly between his play table and the couch. Over the past few weeks, he has gotten more and more daring. Now he can do an entire lap around the living and dining room or make it half-way accross the yard before falling on his behind. Arms out in front of him Frankenstein style, he charges off with great enthusiasm and no fear. He still can’t pull himself up to a stand without the assistance of walls, people, or furniture, but we see progress each day. Today, he even stepped up a 5-inch step without falling.

Early Walking Video Clip