Three firsts

  • 1st time playing on beach
  • 1st time seeing a concert
  • 1st time riding the merry-go-round

Ashton and I went to the Boardwalk Friday night band series with Stacey, Erin, and Kaylin. On stage were The Fixx, a band that I had liked a lot back in the 80’s. As with most of the mid-life crisis tours by formerly popular bands, I had low expectations, but they actually sounded pretty good. Ashton wasn’t all that interested in the band though, because this was his first time playing in the sand. I brought the wagon and some new sand toys and he had a great time. He also enjoyed people watching, and looking at the people on the overhead people mover ride.

After the show, we walked around the Boardwalk, and took a ride on the Carousel. He loved sitting on the horse before the ride started, but seemed kind of nervous as it started going up and down. I noticed that this merry-go-round seemed faster than others I’d been on. It had probably been like 20 years since I last rode this particular one.