Brennan is 12 weeks

and here’s what he’s been up to:

  • lots of smiling 🙂
  • has become deliberate in his kicking of dangly toys in the bouncy seat and the play mat (and he loves to play in both)
  • loves getting diaper changes and being naked, becoming more comfortable in bath tub
  • will fall asleep in the swing if tired, but doesn’t like being in it while awake
  • likes to watch TV (uh-oh) and the iPhone
  • goes to sleep easily and sleeps at least one long stretch each night (10p – 3a aprox.)
  • still likes to sleep on mommy’s tummy
  • enjoys going in the car and to the park – likes looking around

Overall, he’s a pretty happy guy

here’s the scoop

So, here’s what we know about Brennan so far. He likes to sleep. A lot. So far, nothing special is needed to put him to sleep and he can tolerate loud noises, bright rooms, etc. He’s got a big appetite and will consistently take in more than his tummy can hold. In which case he spits up. But they are just little chunky spitups, not the big gushing variety experienced by his older brother at this age. When Brennan is very hungry he roots around and is very squirmy. If your face is in his path, he may try to mall it off. He snorts like a little piggy when he’s hungry, and then eats too fast – resulting in hiccups and gas. Brennan hasn’t figured out that he needs to open his mouth in order to eat, but has no trouble sucking once the nipple is in.

Brennan has his legs clenched up froggy style most of the time and his little fists are often held tight under his chin. In fact his fists can often hold the bottle. He hates getting diaper changes and starts crying as soon as I start pulling the diaper down. He’d probably prefer warm wipes, but not going to get that started. Brennan hates being naked too, even skin to skin or in a nice warm bath. He’s happiest when bundled up in a soft blanket and doesn’t mind wearing a hat.

His eyes don’t open very wide at this point, but he’s more likely to look around if the room is dimly lit. He does maintain good eye contact. Brennan likes the pacifier but can’t seem to keep it in his mouth for long. When Brennan is sleeping, he sometimes giggles and smiles, though it is probably gas induced.

In comparison to Ashton at this age, Brennan seems somewhat more fragile, more cuddly, and less curious.

1st Doctor’s Appt.

When Brennan and I were discharged from the hospital on Weds (after a Monday birth), I was instructed to make a doctor’s appointment for him before the end of the week. It seemed overkill to me, as he had daily pediatrician visits in the hospital, his Apgar’s were good, and he passed all the tests given in the hospital (like hearing and such). Never-the-less, we complied. Of course, I had just had a c-section, so leaving the house wasn’t really on my agenda. So Daddy took Brennan to the doctor. It was pretty much a non-event. Dr. Gallagher said that he was “ridiculously healthy” and that Daniel should get him out of there before he catches something. Isn’t that the truth!

It’s your birthday

So little Brennan Zachary entered the world at 9:37am today via c-section. He weighed 9lbs 7oz, and was 19 3/4″ long. Daddy was in the operating room with mommy, and Grandma Anderson standing by in the waiting room for early snuggles and moral support. Despite good Apgar’s, Brennan was taken into the NICU for a short while as a precaution since mommy was gestational diabetic. Over the next 24 hours, Brennan was poked every 4 hours to check his blood sugar, which tested normal each time.

Before his first day was through, he had visits from Grandma Smith, Aunt’s Erin and Stacey, and our neighbor Dorothy. The following day, Grandpa Anderson and Great-Aunt Shara came and both Grandma’s returned as well.

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