bye-bye downstairs, hello upstairs

Daniel and Grandpa Anderson completed an afternoon of re-arranging furniture with the goal of moving Ashton into our upstairs office space, and moving the office into Ashton’s current room. Why you ask?

  1. Ashton still waking up during the night and needing our assistance. Because he refused to sleep in his crib and the fact that sleepy parents did not want to trek downstairs in the middle of the night, Ashton slept in a home-made bed in our room – and often in bed with us.  We were growing weary of this arrangement.
  2. The new baby will sleep upstairs with us for a while in the small crib, so why not have both kids in close proximity.
  3. Having the boys share a room for a while will prolong the number of years we can keep the guest room (giving up the office is not an option).
  4. The upstairs space is large enough to house a regular bed for Ashton (instead of a crib) and still allow for play space. This would have been a tight squeeze downstairs.

The new room has been a success! We put a queen-size air mattress on the floor for Ashton to sleep on and he loves it. Night awakenings have been reduced, and instead of waking up crying, he often just pitter-patters over to our room (usually to mom’s side of the bed) and waits to be picked up.

These are pictures of Ashton’s room before the move. Still need to take pictures of the new upstairs room.