Today (or why I am so tired)

What I did today:

  1. Get up and tell youngest son to take a shower (why do I still have to tell him?)
  2. Son reports that shower has no hot water. This is a known problem that I thought was fixed. Wake up my husband. He tells me he unfixed it. Huh? He climbs out of bed and goes to basement to make adjustment. Hot water returns. Shower commences.
  3. I crawl back under the covers and hope that husband offers to take son to school. He doesn’t.
  4. Get up, make breakfast, pack lunch, and throw on some clothes.
  5. Take son to school. Grow impatient with car in front of me in drop-off line whose kid can’t seem to get it together.
  6. See kids with flowers. Damn, I forgot it’s teacher appreciation day and was supposed to send flowers.
  7. Return home. Eat breakfast.
  8. Check and respond to a few emails.
  9. Check Facebook ad results. Try to determine why it reports a $26 conversion, but no sales have occurred. Research to try to understand why Facebook lies.
  10. Turn off ad, make modifications, and relaunch.
  11. Realize 2nd son is still asleep. It’s 10am. Try to wake him up but he is in deep sleep. Turn on his light, open window blinds, but leave him to wake-up naturally.
  12. Waste time on Facebook.
  13. 2nd son finally wakes up. I make him breakfast.
  14. Sign up for Shipstation trial. Test rates for actual shipments. Woah! $1.50-$2.50 more than Pirate Ship. Poke around to see if I’m missing some setting. Nope. Search through discussion boards re: Shipstation. Cancel Shipstation trial.
  15. Write to Boxology to ask when they will integrate with Pirate Ship. They are the reason I was considering Shipstation.
  16. Tell 2nd son to take shower.
  17. Try to convince son to let me take him to Supercuts for long overdue haircut. He says no, but agrees to let me cut it so long as I leave it longer in back.
  18. Cut sons hair. Now he has a mullet. Face palm. Cleanup lots of hair.
  19. Friend calls. While talking I realize there’s an ant infestation in living room. They have found my water bottle. Ugh!
  20. Finish cleaning up up ants and make plans to get together tomorrow.
  21. Take shower and get dressed. Ants make me feel dirty.
  22. Ow, knee is hurting a lot. Contemplate how many years before I will need knee surgery (seems to run in my family).
  23. Order groceries online for late afternoon pickup. I don’t want to walk around grocery store.
  24. Make and eat lunch.
  25. Pack up and herd kid out the door to my office/studio.
  26. Get kid started on Kahn Academy math.
  27. Finally drink my coffee.
  28. Check bank account balances and transfer money to cover rent check.
  29. Try to find subscriptions in PayPal. Takes a long time to find. Need to make sure that Elegant Themes is not going to renew. It says that I already cancelled it. I thought so, so why are they still sending me a renewal notice?
  30. Print shipping labels for today’s orders. Marvel at how much simpler Pirate Ship is than Shipstation.
  31. Print out instructions and inserts for dragon kits and dream catcher kits.
  32. Pack and prep boxes for shipping.
  33. Finish breaking down several dozen boxes.
  34. Water plants.
  35. Take out trash and recycling.
  36. Load some flattened boxes in my car to use for Goodwill stuff at home.
  37. Son is frustrated with fractions and on the brink of tears. Sit down to walk him through several problems.
  38. Look through selection of book report templates and pick out one.
  39. Explain to son how to do his book report.
  40. Look through Outschool classes and find the next writing class for son to start tomorrow.
  41. Write out rent check.
  42. Go pick up 1st son from school.
  43. Go to post office to drop off packages and rent check.
  44. Come home. Relax for a little bit and waste time on Facebook.
  45. Go pickup groceries and return home.
  46. Unpack and put away groceries.
  47. Make and serve dinner.
  48. Empty dishwasher and do dishes.
  49. Empty the dryer and sort laundry without folding.
  50. Darn it … just realized that store forgot to give me my rotisserie chicken! Also didn’t get receipt. Not surprised really. Store employee was frazzled. Probably crazy busy due to everyone panicking about Coronavirus.
  51. Restart load of laundry that I forgot to put in dryer as it smells funky.
  52. Put on pajamas, get a beverage, and sit down to watch The Good Doctor.
  53. Feel odd urge to make list of today’s activities.
  54. Login to blog that I haven’t used in years. A-ha, it’s the website that has been sending me so much spam lately.
  55. Delete spam messages. Apply software updates.
  56. Finally ready to write. What is this weird interface? Oh yeah … Gutenberg. I turned it off on all my other WordPress sites. Wait, how do I turn it off? Hunt around for settings, then remember that it’s a plugin. Install. All better.
  57. Finally … writing.
  58. Kids finally getting ready for bed. Fantasizing about sneaking in while son is asleep tonight and fixing the mullet.

Making faces

Ashton discovered his tongue and sticks it out at us. Sometimes unprovoked, and sometimes mimicing us. And he reaches out and tries to grab my tongue when I stick it out.

First nap in crib

Asthon generally sleeps everywhere else (mostly in our arms) and wakes up if you lay him down elsewhere. Today I laid him done in his crib for five minutes so I could go to the bathroom and he actually fell asleep on his own.


First Gilbert and Sullivan

Ashton attended Lyric’s sing along production of Pirates of Penzance. He was a little fussy since it was dinner time, but then snuggled up and slept to the music. Afterwords he met some pirates and showed off his little pirate outfit.